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Q:  What are the different types of walls?
    A: The walls come with a 2" standard wall, 3" superwall walls are 50% stronger, with more Insulation and the 3" thermally broken walls are available in our All Seasons Room, giving the Maximum Insulation possible.

Q:  What are the different types of roofs?
    A: The tempered raftered roofs are for the glass straight & curved sunrooms & curved garden room.
    A: The 3" & 4" solid insulated roofs are for the straight & gabled garden rooms & patio rooms.


Q:  What are the differences in a sunroom, garden room or patio room?
    A:   A straight sunroom is where the roof is tempered glass & the gabled ends are clear or tinted.
    A:   A curved sunroom is the radius is tempered glass & the all or part of the roof is tempered glass.
    A:   A curved garden room, the radius is tempered glass, the roof is solid, the gabled ends are clear or tinted.
    A:   A straight or gabled garden room the roof is solid & the transoms & gabled ends are tinted or clear.
    A:   A straight or gabled patio room the roof is solid & the gabled ends, transom & kick plate are solid.
 Q:  What are gabled ends, transoms and kick plates/ knee walls ?
    A: Gables ends are usually the areas above the windows on the side walls.
    A: Transoms are usually the areas above the windows on the front wall.
    A: Kick plates/knee walls are areas below the windows, either solid, tempered glass or dual tempered glass.
 Q:  What is a UL approved electrical system?
    A: It is a built in electrical system that includes open electrical headers & vertical raceways with snap covers. It also includes built in electrical boxes for porch lights, switches & outlets. The hardware for the switches and outlets are included.
 Q: What types of glass is available?
    A: Tempered glass in our windows & doors in single or dual pane, clear, tinted or LowE glass.
 Q:   What are the different types of windows that are available?
    A: Tempered Aluminum windows with a baked enamel finish in single or dual tempered glass and clear or tinted. The All Season Rooms windows are Vinyl frames with a LowE protective & insulating coating 
  Q: What types of doors are there?
    A: There is a 3' pedestrian (solid with an operable window & screen on top),  3' tempered glass door (single pane, dual or dual with grids), Double 3' tempered glass doors ( French Style) and a 6' vinyl tempered glass slider with screen door in (single pane, dual or dual with grids)
 Q: What if I want to install the room myself?
    A:   A: A installation manual is available and will be sent to you, no charge.
 Q: What building codes do are rooms meet or exceed?
    A: Meets or Exceeds ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials), UBC (uniform Building Code), National Glass Code, California State Housing code, a-Rated Dual Glass, UL ( Underwriter Laboratories), CMBSOA approved Security Windows and has AAMA approval on Windows & Doors
 Q: How long does it take before the room is Installed?
    A: It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks from the contract date.

Q: Do you accept credit cards ?    Do you accept credit cards ?   
    A: We accept Visa, AMEX, Master Card & Discover.

Q: How long does it take to install the room?
    A: Rooms are installed in 1 to 2 Days. One additional day if there is an electrical hookup.

Q: What type of surface can rooms be installed on ?
  A: Rooms can be installed on most existing concrete slabs (no footings required) & most wood decks.

Q: What is the difference between our Regular room & our All Season room?
   A: The all Season Room has 3" Thermally broken walls, Vinyl windows & doors, Dual insulated tempered glass in all areas including the Roof & Radius in our Sunrooms


Q: What are the features of our windows?
   A: Our windows come with security locks, are operable double sliders, tempered glass, full removable screens and meet the national glass code &  the dual tempered glass is A-Rated (ALI Laboratories )


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